Technallica is a company based in Montreal that understands your needs, taking care of the details to deliver simple solutions, effective and safe.

We specialize in the development of e-Commerce Web applications using a client-server approach to ensure the security and integrity of your data.


We advocate a quick and simple graphical interface to ensure a flawless customer experience.


Our web applications are developed from Microsoft MVC framework according to industry standards to ensure uncommon reliability.


Although we specialize in application development for e-Commerce through our custom platform, we are able to meet all your needs.

Mobile friendly

All Web applications can adapt to different display formats for mobile devices and the standard formats of personal computers in addition to supporting various Web browsers used worldwide.

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Customize your website

Our web platform allows you to customize your site in addition to providing an administration section to be autonomous in the management of your products.

Secure hosting

All Web applications are hosted on Microsoft Azure, which gives you the desired speed and reliability.

Used technologies

Contact us

For questions or to obtain information about our products, please contact us via the following web form.